Blendermarket – Botaniq v6.2.2   Free Download Latest . It is of  Blendermarket – Botaniq v6.2.2  Free Download.

Blendermarket – Botaniq v6.2.2 Overview

Title: Blendermarket – Botaniq v6.2.2
Tree library botaniq is an ever-expanding library of optimized & realistic 3D vegetation – mostly trees and grass. It features a variety of Trees, Grass, Flowers, Weeds, Ferns, Ivy, Palms, Succulents, Shrubs, Weeds, Plants, Pots, Rocks, Lilypads, and Garden assets for Architectural Visualization, Environmental Design, Rendering Forests, Landscaping, or any other scenes that could use a bit of varied greenery.

Add animation
– Draw vines on any surface in a matter of seconds – customize them as you wish.
Scatter Assets
– Quickly populate the selected object with either pre-made particle presets of grass and weeds or create your own.
Spawn Assets
– Each asset has a rendered preview and can be easily added through our addon. By default, the assets are linked, but you can also choose to add them as editable objects or convert them later on.
Add new trees easily
– Adding new assets has never been easier. Create your nature scene with just a few clicks by selecting the asset from the library.
Snap to ground
– No more floating trees or dragging your trees to the ground one by one. Use the Snap to ground button to make sure all your trees are safely planted.
Randomize scale & rotation of selected assets
– Nature is varied and random, so although it’s unrealistic to have each tree unique, we’ve added a feature to automatically randomize the selected assets so their rotation and scale differ, giving the appearance of variation.
Seasons feature
– Winter or autumnal scenes are no longer a hassle -just select your tree with the season you’d like, then edit the asset however you choose.
Convert to editable
– Make your selection editable from right inside your scene!

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Blendermarket – Botaniq v6.2.2 Download (Premium)

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