Like pinpoints of sunshine beaming down by shards of stained glass, casting a galaxy of luminous color and sample on the bottom beneath your ft, let Celestial – Orchestral Texture Loops, our latest sound pack launch, fill the air round you with sonic heat and texture!

Comprising a wealthy array of acoustic timbres and tonalities, peer inside this deeply Cinematic, 840MB assortment to find 200 royalty-free drone and texture loops caught within the timeless embrace of the orchestra.

Every texture loop is made up of a blurred mixture of classical instrumental flavours, from lush, decadent strings, weightless woodwinds, wealthy, resonant brass, ethereal piano and transfixing choral singing.

We’ve known as upon our bespoke Ambient processing chains to craft this intimately atmospheric library of 26 units of complementary sounds, with our signature seamlessly looping textures accompanied by fracturing, fraying granular soundbeds, filled with rustling, crumbling layers, and rumbling sub bass.

Regardless of the sounds being organized into units, the complete assortment is ripe for mixing and matching, permitting you to construct and layer your personal customized collages into effortlessly expansive soundscapes.

All information are totally key-labelled and are introduced as 8 bar, 120 Bpm loops for max flexibility and ease of use, regardless of whether or not you’re producing Ambient, Downtempo, chilled Home, Techno or delicate soundtrack work.

Look to the constellations and soak your music in cosmic vibration and inspiration – download Celestial – Orchestral Texture Loops immediately!

Celestial Organic Texture Loops Free Download

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