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Class101 – Create an Entire Portfolio-Ready Character Design Project with Arucelli Free Download

Create an Entire Portfolio-Ready Character Design Project


By Arucelli

37 lessons
Running time
9h 07m
By Creator
Learn Character Concept Design to Build Your Portfolio


Let’s go through the entire process of character design, starting all the way from fundamental anatomy to how to utilize illustration techniques to create an entire portfolio-ready character design project.
You’ll learn how to create reference boards, ideation sheets, turnarounds, pose and expression sheets, as well as hearing about my methods for improving your skills when drawing from imagination!


This class will cover the basics of all the tools you’ll need when it comes to designing characters both for fun and for professional work.


By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the intricacies in character design and how to dive deeper into the worlds and stories you’re trying to tell. Additionally, you’ll have stronger fundamentals and tools to improve your own work moving forward.

Upon completion, you’ll have created a full character design project that can be used in your portfolio!

Step 1: How to Develop a Character Design Project


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Arucelli
  2. Introduction to the Course

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Anatomy & Posing

  1. Basic Overview of the Skeleton
  2. Basic Overview of Muscular Anatomy
  3. Basic Overview of Body Diversity & Posing

Chapter 2: Draftsmanship

  1. Improving Line Quality
  2. Basic Overview on Stylization

Chapter 3: Research & Development

  1. How to Approach Research & Reference
  2. Building & Compiling Reference
  3. How to Create a Pitch Deck for Your Project

Chapter 4: Iterative Character Design

  1. Approaching & Generating a Character Concept
  2. Techniques for Ideation
  3. Techniques for Iteration
  4. Developing a Critical Eye for Design
  5. Costume Design as Storytelling
  6. Value & Color Block: Creating a Character’s Palette
  7. Basic Overview on Props

Chapter 5: Finalizing Your Character Design

  1. Basic Overview of Digital Painting & Coloring Workflow
  2. Painting & Rendering: Techniques for Illustrative Storytelling
  3. Creating a Turnaround Sheet
  4. Dynamic Pose & Expression Sheets

Chapter 6: Building a Portfolio

  1. Overview on Page Layout & Content Flow
  2. Project Portfolios vs. General Portfolios
  3. School vs. Job Portfolios

Chapter 7:   Tips for Professional Practices

  1. Beginning Checklist for Budding Professionals
  2. Getting Started With Freelance
  3. My Theory on Social Media & How to Approach it
  4. Tips for Writing Emails, Interviews, and Professional Presentation

Bonus Chapter: Drawing from Imagination

  1. Getting Started with Drawing from Imagination
  2. The Ref & Recall Method of Studying

Bonus Chapter: Philosophies of Practice & Improvement

  1. Daily Art Grind & Hustle Culture
  2. My Approach to Purposeful Study & Practice

Bonus Chapter: Mental Health & Mindset

  1. Art Block, Art Depression, and Burnout
  2. Imposter Syndrome & Self Doubt
  3. How to Approach & Maximize Your Arts Education
  4. Recapturing Happiness and Self-Fulfillment Also Download Class101 – Character Design for Children’s Books and Comics with Dominic Cellini Free Download

Class101 – Create an Entire Portfolio-Ready Character Design Project with Arucelli Free Download

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