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Class101 – The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced by Doop Free Download

Step 01 : Everything you need to know about the pencil
Let’s learn how to hold the pencil and draw various types of lines

Step 02 : The basics of visage
Let’s learn about facial proportions, symmetry, and margins

Introducing the course
Meet Doop: illustrator, artist, and instructor
Let’s look at the materials needed for this course
Sharpening with a knife instead of a pencil sharpener

01. The Basics: The Pencil and Drawing Lines
About Pencils: Characteristics of HB/3B/6B pencils
How to create lines with a pencil: Pressure, Thickness, and Length
Assembling lines to create the perfect portrait

02. The Basics: Depth, Lines, and Texture
Learn about the secrets of contrast with richness and depth: the ratio of brightness
Express depth by overlapping lines: Hatching
Express depth using the blur effect: Smudging
TIP: Setting mood and tone (TIP: Why tone smudges and becomes cloudy)

03. The Basics: The Shape of the Face
Let’s learn about the basic structure of the face and tips for positioning the facial features
Three important things when creating a portrait: Ratio, Symmetry, and Margins
TIP: Drawing each side of the face

04. The Basics: For Natural eyes, nose and mouth
Learn about the foundation when sketching the eyes, nose, and mouth
Learn about the various details in the eyes: The pupils, iris and the eyelids
Creating a naturalistic nose and lips
Drawing realistic eyelashes and eyebrows
BONUS: Drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth like Doop

05. The Basics: Tones, Textures, and Shading
Learn how shading and interplay of light and negative space expresses depth and spatiality
Creating mood and atmosphere by hatching and smudging
TIP: The easiest and most effective way to make your portrait look professional

06. The Next Step: Light, Shade and Tone
Let’s learn how to depict powerful emotions on the face
Let’s learn how to contrast white, black, and grey
Let’s learn how light and shadow subtly change the atmosphere of the portrait

07. The Next Step: Hair
How to flawlessly sketch hair
Drawing hair while maintaining texture: Going from dark to medium to bright
TIP: Drawing natural, lovely, and sleek hair

08. The Finishing Touch: Creating Your Masterpiece
TIP: Choosing a good photo to draw
Let’s learn how to determine basic shapes and contrast from your photo
BONUS: Full Demo drawing based on the curriculum

Bonus: Lines and Tone
Supplementary practice: Polishing Lines and tones

Congratulations on completing the course!

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Class101 – The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced by Doop Free Download

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