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Course Overview
Looking to be a programmer for a top company or wishing to top the charts of leading coding competitions, youve come to the right place! This live course will improve your problem-solving skills so you can write reliable and optimal codes. You will be mentored by programming experts and they will give you tips and tricks on which competitions to participate in and how to succeed in them! You can attend this class from any geographical location and you will have access to the recorded sessions too. As it will be interactive, you can ask your doubts to the instructor with ease. Also Download  Geeks For Geeks Courses : Data Structures and Algorithms (Self-Paced Course) Download (premium)

Prerequisites: Basics of Programming, Data Structure and Algorithms

CP Live Classes will be scheduled for Weekends – Saturday & Sunday Class timing would be 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM (IST)

Have a look at the Course Brochure!!!

What you will learn

All the important concepts of Data Structures & Algorithms

Enhancing your Problem Solving & Coding Skill

Various useful techniques for Competitive Programming

Efficient Implementation of Mathematical Algorithms

Week 1 Introduction to Competitive Programming and Basics

02 Week 2
Mathematics and related algorithm in Competitive Programming

03 Week 3
Recursion and related concepts

04 Week 4
Stack, Queue, Priority Queue, Greedy, String Algorithms

05 Week 5
Trees and Graphs

06 Week 6
Dynamic Programming

07 Week 7
Disjoint Set, Sparse Table, Fenwick Tree and LCA

08 Week 8
Range Query Algorithms

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