Learn Octane In Five Hours.

In this training, Octane expert David Ariew gives you a super informative and efficiently paced speedrun through his extensive Octane knowledge.

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Let’s make a really detailed space render

Use displacement and textures to make a space scene

We’ve all seen those amazing Octane renders of space. That’s because Octane has some really useful displacement tools. Learn how to use them and also get a couple of textures to use in your own space scenes.

Greyscalegorilla – Getting Started With Octane Free Download

Take an Octane texturing deep dive

Dive into Octane texture nodes and more

Octane is known for it’s simple and fast texturing and node options. In this lesson, get a really good run-down on what you need to know to start making photo-real textures in Octane.

Getting Started With Octane


  • What Is Octane

  • Great Work Made In Octane

  • What Do You Need To Use Octane

  • How To Setup Your Octane Layout

  • Octane Basics Speedrun

  • Create A Space Scene With Displacement And More

  • Texturing Deep Dive

Part 3

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