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DS and Algo Foundation Over All

Course Overview

A self-paced online course that is designed so you could clear all your DSA basics with ease. You will be taught by industry experts and cover all the DSA topics thoroughly. This course is for anyone who wants to learn the Basics of Data Structures to start Competitive Programming, Preparation for on-campus/off-campus placements in top-notch companies like Amazon, Microsoft, etc or even Programmers looking to replenish their fundamentals in Data Structures.

What you will learn

Learn about the core fundamentals of Data Structures & Algorithms

Learn the basic yet important topics of DSA like recursion, searching, sorting, hashing etc

Learn about the more advanced topics like Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, Graph etc

Solve complex problems easily by learning the fundamental algorithmic techniques

Course Description

Do you ever see a complex code and feel that this could be solved more efficiently? Its time to learn how. This foundation course is curated specially for the curious Geek in you who thrives to master the basics of DSA!

01 Analysis of Algorithm
Analysis of Algorithm, Order of Growth, Asymptotic Notations and much more

02 Arrays
Introduction to Arrays, Types of Arrays, Operations on Arrays and much more

03 Recursion
Introduction to Recursion, Applications of Recursion, Writing base cases in Recursion and much more

04 Hashing
Introduction, Application of Hashing, Discussion on Direct Address Table and much more

05 Strings
Introduction of String, Strings in C++, Strings in Java and much more

06 Searching
Binary Search Iterative and Recursive, Analysis of Binary Search, Square Root and much more

07 Sorting
Sorting in C++ STL, Sorting in Java, Arrays.sort() in Java, Collection.sort() in Java and much more

08 Linked List
Introduction, Middle of Linked List, Nth Node from end of Linked List and much more

09 Circular Linked List
Circular Linked List, Circular Linked List Traversal in C++, Circular Linked List Traversal in Java and much more

10 Doubly Linked List
Doubly Linked List, Insert at Begin of Doubly Linked List, Insert at End Doubly Linked List and much more

11 Stack
Understanding the Stack data structure, Applications of Stack, Implementation of Stack and much more

12 Queue
Application of Queue, Implementation of the queue using array and LinkedList, Queue in Java and much more

13 Dequeue
Deque Data Structures, Dequeue in C++ STL and Java and much more

14 Tree
Tree Data Structure, Binary Tree, Implementation in various Transversals and much more

15 Binary Search Tree
Background and Introduction, Search in BST, Insertion in BST and much more

16 Heap
Binary Heap introduction & implementation, Heap Sort, Heap Insert and much more

17 Graph
Introduction to Graph, Graph Representation, Breadth-First Search and much more

18 Greedy Algorithms
Introduction, Activity Selection Problem, Fractional Knapsack and much more

19 Dynamic Programming
Introduction, Dynamic Programming Memoization, Maximum Cuts and much more

20 Backtracking Algorithms
Concepts of Backtracking, Rat In a Maze, N Queen Problem and much more

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