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Extreme PBR Combo v3.3.3 with 1000+ Materials Addon for Blender 2.79 2.81 2.82 Full Version Free Download

Are you frustrated with complicated tools?

Have you ever realized how long it takes to create a simple pbr material?

Importing a lot of textures, looking for them, well I tell you, I’ve been getting tired for a long time and I created this simple addon to manage more than 1100+ pbr materials ready to use, it’s a good starting point to save a lot of time.

Displacement control and occlusion map:
This system is very flexible, you can also save the material with the displacemen, it will be automatically saved (Combo edition)

Real UVs control in 3D View:
Finally, at great demand, you can control the rotation, scale and position of the UV mapping directly from the panel.

You can adjust the individual UV or multiple UV faces

This acts on the real uv mapping, it doesn’t use tricks:

New videomaker:
Easy creation and control of video materials, with cathode screen simulation and adjustment, screen lighting adjustment, controls in the panel to set the start point of the video and the end point, loop , and much more , all under control from the panel!

Now you can set transparencies on the materials:
We have created a new type of node that allows you to control transparencies directly from the panel, everything will be automatically set

Powerful ui panel:

Glass in one click:

New glass system for Eevee and Cycles:
Just a click to make glass

Less than 10 seconds to do this:

Instruction manual inside (PDF), complete installation guide in the manual. Attention, read the manual carefully before installation!

If you have any questions contact us, we are very happy to answer!

Now you can create and save your Material with new shader maker :
You can use all your favorite textures, even those of famous sites such as or and any other texture site. Also Download Neat Video Pro 5.3 for Premiere Pro Full Version Free Download

Create your materials and keep them forever available in any project, you can simply add them with a click, have a look at the new Shader Maker, put your textures here, and create your own material so as to have the controls of the material in the panel

You can choose 7 type icons for save your preview material, create new categories and always have them at hand:
This category is for illustrative purposes only, it is inside the download, but it is simply a demo for the preview icons, so we suggest deleting it once you understand how it works.

Extreme PBR Combo v3.3.3 with 1000+ Materials Addon for Blender 2.79 2.81 2.82 Full Version Free Download

Extreme PBR Combo v3.3.3

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Extreme PBR Combo v3.x with 1000+ Materials Addon

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