Ezra Cohen – KINETIX Free Download

Modular mograph and kinetic text animation template for Adobe After Effects CC. Create pro-level typography sequences and export for use in any project or software.


  • Modular mograph system lets you create easy pro-level edits
  • Fully customize text, colors, fonts, and more in Adobe After Effects
  • 25 stunning templates + details + animation presets
  • Edit in AE CC + export for use in any software (Davinci, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and more)

Download Ezra Cohen – KINETIX Free


Step 01. Select your primary look. Enter your text, fonts, and colors for quick customization to your project’s needs…

Step 02. Add and customize details for visual intricacy.

Step 03. Layer animation adjustments (provided) for quick punches of movement – motion tiles, scrolls, rotations, and more…

And… BOOM! Export into whatever editing software software and keep the magic going in your edit. See the included tutorial for tips on best export settings and more.