Ezra Cohen – Tour Visuals Elements VOL 2 Free Download


  • 50+ NEW motion elements, analogue glitches, and complex textures
  • Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci, AE, Resolume, and more!
  • Easily customize textures, colors, and effects
  • Use as show-ready live visuals or textures in your films
  • Available in HD or 4K!

Alphabet 01
Alphabet 02
Analogue Glitch 01
Analogue Glitch 02
Analogue Glitch 03
Analogue Glitch 04
Analogue Glitch 05
Analogue Grid (Static)
AweWonder 01
AweWonder 02
Cross Zoom
Face Happy
Face Neutral
Face Sad
Grid X x1
Grid X x3
Line Grow
Numbers 00
Numbers 01
Numbers 02
Numbers 03
Pixel Circle
Radial Grid
Rainbow Fade

Rainbow Gradient
Rainbow Pillars
Rainbow Squares
Rainbow Texture 01
Rainbow Texture 02
Rainbow Texture 03
Rectangle Echo v2
Slit Scan – Multi Rainbow
Slit Scan – Multi White
Slit Scan – Single Red White
Slit Scan – Single White
Sound Waves
Space GIF
Speed Lines
Starfield – Horizontal
Starfield – Rotate
Starfield – Swirl
Starfield – Vertical
Static – Black and White
Static – Color
Texture Lines
Warp Lines
Wave World
X Grid
XRay Scan – Horizontal
XRay Scan – Vertical


I’m so excited to announce that Tour Visual Elements VOL 2 is officially here! Offering a new level of tools for your tool belt – with unique textures, analogue glitches, and more minimalist motion elements.

I put a lot of love into this pack and stepped up the complexity and detail with looks that are show-ready whether they’re used on their own or combined with other elements – giving you the ability to go straight to your end client (or show) and save hours of work on your next project (all without ever having to open After Effects)!

At 30fps, they are ready for smooth playback on any LED or projection rig in Pro Presenter, Ableton, Resolume Arena, or other VJ software.

AND of course, combining with footage in Premiere or Final Cut (or whatever editing software you call home) yields some pretty insane results too!