GreyScaleGorilla – Animation Fundamentals Training Free Download

Solid animation concepts you can build a career on.
In this extensive course, you’ll learn some core animation principles that will help carry you through those long nights of keyframes and bezier curves.

Find what you need to know now.
Save time sifting through YouTube tutorials for the info you need. Find what you need to know right now, and quickly.

Learn from industry leaders.
This content is taught by professionals at the top of their fields. Learn from true animation masters.

Go Keyframe By Keyframe
Learn where the pros put their keyframes and why.

Squash, Stretch, and Bounce
Learn the ideas and applications behind three of the most common animation techniques.

Camera Animation
Learn how to animate the camera the way the pros do in Cinema 4D.

Squash and Stretch.
An animation classic

Learn how to achieve an animation technique that has been used from the beginning, using deformers and tools inside of Cinema 4D.
Learn to Squash and Stretch

Do it without dynamics

You may need more control than what you can get with dynamics. Learn to use keyframes to create a realistic bounce.
Learn To Bounce

End Tag Animations
Bread and butter tools technique

If you want to be a motion designer, you’re gonna need to make some cool end tags. Learn how to use some classic end tag animation techniques.
End tag animation techniques

GreyScaleGorilla – Animation Fundamentals Training Free Download

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