Render mind-blowing work faster with Redshift
Guide to Redshift gives you all the hacks and training you need to put cool effects to work for clients now and speed up your workflows.

Get learning fast. And get up to speed.
Master Redshift’s features, like camera settings, volume rendering, color and much more. Put lighting and shading hacks to work right now and follow along with a fun client project.

GreyScaleGorilla – Guide to Redshift Free Download

Find what you need to know now.
Get the Redshift hack or training you need without long YT searches.

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Redshift masters at the top of their fields show you the mistakes they’ve made and how to avoid them.

Let’s make lighting easier.
Spend less time trying to figure out lighting in Redshift and more time actually producing.

Use shading and materials to make photo-real renders.
Get to photo-real renders faster using shading and materials more efficiently.

Speed up your workflow.
Learn all the Redshift settings and how they work together so you can do the ideal: produce impressive work in less time.

GreyScaleGorilla – Guide to Redshift Free Download

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