Gumroad – Modeler 2020.5.9 for Houdini Full Version Free Download

Modeler gives you the power of direct modeling workflows in Houdini procedural environment.

The general idea is combining necessary elements and tool states for bring-up classic mesh modeling workflow. It gives you easy access to Standard Houdini and Extended Modeler features. Also Download Nik Collection 4.1 for Mac Crack Free Download 2021


  • UI: Modeler is a minimalistic addon. Its entire interface consists of a viewport toolbar, a custom menu for mostly used actions, and radial menus for tools groups
  • VIEWPORT TOOLBAR: All Modeler tools and some useful functions and indicators located in the viewport toolbar
  • CUSTOM MENU: Houdini radial menus, shelf tools, and links to Modeler tools can be collected in a special user menu
  • RADIAL MENUS: Some tools, combined into categories, located in Modeler radial menus
  • HOTKEYS: Unlike other modeling software, this addon is extremely customizable. You can associate any modeling tool with any keyboard or even pen | mouse shortcuts
  • LAZY SELECTION: You can highlight geometry components and just affect them on-the-fly with most of the tools. No need for selection to make an effect
  • LAZY DRAG: To make model faster this feature reduces the number of extra pen\mouse clicks.
  • MODELING TOOLS: Modeler has lots of tools for cutting, connecting, deleting, welding, etc, mesh operations, to make artist’s life easier
  • PYTHON STATES: Mesh tools use an improved python states system in order to increase the smoothness of the process. Most of these tools are volatile and can be on-the-fly activated without extra mouse presses. Moving pen in the air, while holding the key, much faster than lots of clicks in most of the other modeling programs
  • POLYPEN: Modeler has a special multi-mode modeling tool called PolyPen. With this tool it is very convenient to quickly change polygonal topology by drawing edges, inserting loops, moving, sliding, deleting geometry components, etc
  • PUSH: A way to smoothly deform geometry in a brush manner. Reminds ZBrush Move Brush
  • GRAB: By default, MMB is a quick way to move selected components | objects on the fly. Shift and Ctrl modifiers can be used to constraint movement to the best horizontal, vertical axis. Ctrl+Shift moves geometry by the best-aligned view plane
  • SYMMETRY MODE: Simple in use symmetry. Symmetry setup is global and can be tweaked on the fly in the viewport toolbar
  • TOPO MODE: In addition to a special toolset, any of Modeler tools can be used to retopologize high-poly geometry
  • SOFT BOOLEAN: Toolset and nodes for creating boolean operations with smooth transitions
  • KITBASH: Collecting geometry parts and work with them in a special browser
  • INSERT MESH: Detailing mesh with parts from KitBash libraries
  • ZBRUSH+HOUDINI LIVE LINK: A set of tools for seamless modeling in Houdini and ZBrush. Currently, it is a Windows-only feature

Gumroad – Modeler 2020.5.9 for Houdini Full Version Free Download

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