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Have Instruments OMNIDRUMS Overview

OMNIDRUMS is a totally new drum experience!
Recorded with an insane level of details (up to 12 dynamics and 8 round robins) it offers total control over the mixing (12 channels) bringing the recording studio experience right on your computer.

It features drums techniques never sampled so far (stacks and sounds of each kit element hit in multiple positions) and gives you tons of color variation for each element for an absolute realistic and modern drumming experience.

Likely one of the most complete, omni-comprehensive drum VST on the market, Omnidrums is much more than just another great drums Instrument for Kontakt. It’s 2 instruments in 1!



IMPORTANT: Requires full version of KONTAKT 5.6.8+ (not compatible with Free Kontakt Player).

aprox. 20 GB compressed file
50000+ samples .ncw format
12 mic positions you can mix, solo and pan for creative results (Kick: 3 mics; SNARE: 3 mics; TOM: 2 mics; HI-HAT: 1 mic; OVERHEAD 2 mics (L, R), ROOM: 1 mic)
34 Factory patches
16 blank user patches to create your own sets and presets.

21 different Kick sounds: 18 – 20 – 24 with different tunings and playing techniques
120+ snare sounds and techniques: one shots, drag, rim, rim-drag, rolls, press rolls, harmonics, stacks, tunings and special effects.
120+ snare roll techniques, from standard to unconventional: different shapes, dynamics and length.
140+ tom sounds and techniques: one shots, rim shots, drag, rim-drag, rolls, harmonics, tunings and special effects.
200+ cymbal sounds and techniques (hi-hat, ride, crashes) including one shots, positions (cymbals played in multiple positions to get different colors), rolls, effects, stacks, prototypes and odd cymbals etc.
230+ time stretchable loops and rhythmic patterns
43 time stretchable Jazz fills
Lots of creative textures and objects

3 Dirt effects: 2 (Quake and Debris) analog-processed and 1 IR.
Built-in top class Reverb and Delay algorithms
Reverse Function on each sample
Warp: two modes (FREE, HOST)
User Auto-mapping system
12-Channels Routing mode
Panning on each channel strip
8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended
Sample resolution: .ncw format

The Drums we sampled:

Sonor Vintage Series

Bass Drum (4): 24×14, 20×14, 18×14, 14×14
Toms: 12’, 13’, 14’, 16’

+ different tuning

The Snares we used:

Sonor 14×5 Prolite Brass
Ludwig Supraphonic 14 x6/5
Ludwig Maple Vintage (30’s) 6 lugs: 14x 5
Gretsch Maple Vintage Round Badge 60’s 14×5
Ludwig Acrolite 70’s: 14×5

different tunings


Bosphorus and Old K (Zildjian)

Borsphorus Ride 24 (Syncopation)
Hi Hat 15’ prototipo
Hi Hat Master Vintage Series 13’
Crash 18 Master Series
Crash 18 Syncopation

Zildjian Old K

22 Ride (2): 40’s, 50’s
Hi Hats (2): 60’s, 70’s
Hi Hats (1) 15’

Additional Cymbals and percussions:

Super 15’ Hi Hat
Splash Zildjian 6’
Splash Bosphorus (8’, 10’)
Splash 12
Raw Cymbals & Broken Cymbals (different sizes)
Percussions, toys and Djembes


Snare Colors 1
Snare Colors 2
Rolling Snares
Snare Rolls
Tom Colors
Tom Rolls
Cymbal Colors
Cymbal Rolls
Jazz Fills
20 Kick Set
18 Kick Set
Nicely detuned
24 Kick Set
Kick Detuning 1
Kick Detuning 2
Kick Detuning 3
Jazzy Set
Loops 40bpm
Loops 60bpm
Loops 70bpm
Loops 80bpm
Loops 94-100bpm
Loops 100bpm
Loops 120bpm
Loops 140-150bpm
Loops 160-180bpm
Loops 2250-350bpm
Rubato Loops
Odd Cymbals
User 1- 16


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