Time & Attendance Review Time & Attendance Review

Time and Attendance for businesses big and small

Every business owner knows – time is money. Even the smallest companies can have labor costs exceeding $1M a year – which means choosing the right Time and Attendance software is a critical business decision. At ISGUS, our sole focus is on employee management – especially employee time management through one of the most advanced software systems in the industry. We paired our Time and Attendance software with various methods of data collection – such as fingerprint biometrics, a mobile app with GPS tracking, and PC Punch and Proximity Badge Clocking. Know your numbers and save your business time and money with the advanced ISGUS Time and Attendance ADP software.


Maximize Employee, Payroll & HR Communication

  • Automatic emailing of reports and notifications to C-Level management, supervisors and employees to alert them of excessive work hours or punch time exceptions for immediate review and action
  • Electronic approval of timecards by supervisors to reduce pay period confusion and mistakes caused by lack of payroll preparation
  • Employee Dashboard allows time off and missing punch requests
  • Data Exchange Module allows importing and exporting to any Third Party Payroll, HR and ERP accounting provider
  • Eliminates manual data processing of new employees, total hours worked and tasks Time & Attendance Review

  • More Control With Continuous Staff Tracking

    As the working landscape continues to evolve, it is becoming more common for employees to work remotely. Which means, managing and monitoring time and attendance is even more important.

    • GPS tracking allows employers to know in real-time the location and time of every remote employees’ punches throughout the day
    • Our cost center, location or task tracking features can also let employees tell you exactly what they are doing
    • Employee ‘requests for future time off’, or missed punch times can be made by employers via the app. Once a day off is approved a supervisor can notify other employees that an open shift is available
    • Employers can look up (via the app) an employee’s last 4 punches, total absences and balances, as well as total time worked for the present or past pay period
  • Planning Modules Increase Work Time Efficiencies

    • The Team Manager and the Group Diary have been designed to help frontline managers plan and decide on future absence requests, as well as make global and individual changes to employees’ schedules based on demand of incoming business
    • The Job Tracking Module of our Time and Attendance ADP software allows Finance and Production Managers to work together to develop forecasts for predicting labor hours needed by sales order, functions and tasks. Then accurate real-time working time data is captured by our terminals on the shop floor so that ‘planned vs actual’ hours worked can be analyzed – and workflows adjusted accordingly
    • Staffing management and staff scheduling for industries such as Healthcare and Retail ensure proper coverage of employees in terms of numbers and appropriate training. Demand planning can be set, and even as real world changes occur, features such as ‘absence requests’ and ‘shift swapping’ can be communicated