Justin Laurens – Portrait Mastery Course  Free Download Latest . It is of  Justin Laurens – Portrait Mastery Course  free download.

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Justin Laurens – Portrait Mastery Course


Welcome to the Portrait Mastery Course Pack!
Are you ready to take your editing skills to the next level?
Learn flawless (yet natural) Skin Retouching, create colors that “Pop!” & master glossy, depth-boosted tones (make your photo look 3D!)

Don’t waste hours struggling through hundreds of YouTube videos (or trial-and-error). Instead, fast-track your skills with my unique 6-Step Editing Workflow. Also Download 789ten The Deniz Koyu Master Series Audio Engineering Download

Discover 10 extremely detailed modules with 80 videos, 6 BONUS eBooks, 4x Live Calls/Livestreams (in my private Facebook Mentoring Group) & 10 FREE RAW Photos (for practise!)
In this course, you’ll learn:
– ​How to eliminate flat, washed-out or burnt tones whilst achieving glossy, depth-boosted tones with high clarity
– ​How to achieve flawless skin whilst avoiding that “plasticy” / unnatural look
– Say goodbye to Exposure recovery struggles!
– ​5 must-know techniques to create beautiful color-grading
– Struggling to finish a quality Skin Retouch in <1 hour? Learn how a combo of Local Dodge & Burn, Frequency Separation & Skin Smoothening can achieve incredible results in 0mins!
​​- What you should never do when Sharpening your image
​+ much more!

Justin Laurens – Portrait Mastery Course Download (Premium)

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