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MoGraph Mentor – Ultimate Guide to Stylized 3d Modeling Free Download

What you’ll learn from this workshop

Do you want to master the art of hard surface modeling in Cinema 4d? Then this course is for you. Paul McMahon of the Rusted Pixel gives a detailed look at creating original 3d models.

Hard Surface Modeling

You will learn all the hard surface modeling techniques available to you in Cinema 4d. From box modeling to starting with splines, this workshop will vastly expand your modeling skills.

Art Directing Your Work

Once we’ve established the tools, the next question is the overall look of the 3d models you create. Crafting a unique visual direction with your 3d is a big theme throughout the training in this workshop.

Tips and Tricks

Working clean doesn’t mean you can’t work fast. You will walk away with new tips and time-saving tricks from this workshop. Paul’s years of experience in modeling 3d objects have taught him the best practices and techniques to work efficiently.

Mastering Geometry Concepts

Loop cuts, knife cuts, subdivisions and more…If you want to understand all the tools and concepts you need, then this workshop is for you.

Executing Consistent Style

In this workshop we will make design choices for each of our objects, but within a larger visual direction. This will re-inforce the process of creating a full series with a consistent style.

Polishing & Detail Work

We will focus on bold design choices with a strong attention to detail. Paul will show you how to add high quality details to your models that make them stand out. Get ready to polish and tweak until it’s perfect.

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