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MoGraph Mentor – Visual Storytelling & Illustration Techniques Free Download

Learn the process of creating compelling illustrations for your motion design work. Illustrator Sara Wong teaches you her process of pulling out the emotional content of a story and creating compelling visuals that are beautiful. Learn better illustration techniques for your motion.


Making beautiful illustrations can help the overall quality of your work. Moving past circles and squares can be a difficult step for many motion designers, but this course is designed to help you with that journey. We want to give you a process driven approach to create your own original illustrations for your motion work.


This course is not about the basics of illustration but rather the principles of storytelling with illustration. Our goal is to help motion designers become better visual artists. Sara has a process driven approach to thinking through the subject and creating visuals that tell the story.


If you’re a total beginner to design and illustration this may not be the course for you. Sara is going to skip past some basics and get into the important aspects of taking your illustration work to a deeper level. She has and emphasis on tone and emotion and will help you create more compelling illustration work.

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