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IMPORTANT: After updating KOMPLETE KONTROL or installing a new KOMPLETE or NKS instrument, run KOMPLETE KONTROL as a stand-alone application before using it as a plug-in

When running the stand-alone version of KOMPLETE KONTROL for the first time, open Preferences > MIDI and enable all MIDI input ports for the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard

For host integration setup, refer to the online KOMPLETE KONTROL documentation. KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK1 and MK2 users upgrading from a previous version of KOMPLETE KONTROL MUST replace their Ableton Live scripts for Ableton Live integration to function correctly. Please refer to the KnowledgeBase article Setting Up Ableton Live for KOMPLETE KONTROL

2.6.2 – 2021-07-02
FIXED an issue where browser items marked as favourite disappeared after the latest update

2.6.1 – 2021-07-01

After installing from Native Access, please ensure that any external storage devices containing content are connected when launching KOMPLETE KONTROL for the first time
Some customers are still experiencing ongoing integration issues with Logic Pro. We are aware of these, and are investigating solutions
ADDED Host Kontakt VST3 (please note: it is not currently possible to host VST3 versions of the recently released FX plug-ins)
ADDED Apple Silicon support: Also Download Native Instruments Spotlight Collection East Asia KONTAKT Download (Premium)

  • KOMPLETE KONTROL (standalone application) can be used on Apple Silicon machines when Rosetta 2 is installed (available from App Store)
  • KOMPLETE KONTROL plug-in can be used in DAWs that have been launched using Rosetta (right-click on DAW application in Finder > Get Info > Open using Rosetta)
    CHANGED File paths in preferences are now shown in the standard POSIX format instead of the old Mac HFS format (i.e. slashes instead of colons) on macOS
    FIXED Clunky scrolling when using a MacBook trackpad
    FIXED Super 8 missing background image on controllers

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