philmColor R2 LUTs Free Download

What is philmColor?

philmColor is a series of motion picture film inspired Creative 3D LUTs designed and optimized for RED’s new Image Processing Pipeline 2 (IPP2). The core concept behind this project is to provide filmmakers with new “digital stocks” to assist in carving out a more unique look to their captured footage. The LUTs are 33×33×33 and can be used in cameras with IPP2 support or on any REDCODE RAW .R3D in post.

In Release 2 you get a total of 178 LUTs with the purchase of philmColor. That’s 75 new LUTs added to what Release 1 contained.

– 75 baseStocks
– 30 ghostStocks
– 20 printModels
– 29 toneAdjusts
– 24 achromicStocks
– Free Update to Release 3 as new LUTs are created and added
– PDF Manual with previews of each LUT and some notes regarding them.

philmColor R2 LUTs Free Download

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