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WN: Team V.R | 26 October 2019 | 26 MB
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The Infected Mushroom Bundle includes three of Polyverse’s groundbreaking plugins,
offering a full suite of cutting edge tools for audio creation, shaping and performance. The Infected Mushroom bundle contains Manipulator, our extreme voice modulator, Gatekeeper, our volume modulator, and I Wish, the original pitch freezer plugin.The Infected Mushroom Bundle is extremely versatile and useful in a variety of different ways, and works especially well when its plugins are used together. All the plugins in the Infected Mushroom bundle were created, developed and tested by Infected Mushroom to allow users to access their own sounds, but also be able to create new, unique sounds and textures never heard before.GATEKEEPER
Gatekeeper can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, sample-accurate volume automation and more, making it a swiss army knife of creative expression. Also Download 8dio Hybrid Tools: Dark Prophecy KONTAKT Download (Premium)

  • Sample fast and precise volume modulation.
  • Expressive and fun envelope drawing tools.
  • 8 independent volume envelopes.
  • Infected Mushroom’s secret weapon for gating effects.


Meet Manipulator: A vocal processor capable of subtly imposing pitch and harmonization, to a full-on sonic mangle that will leave you with a totally new sound.

  • Bend and sculpt your sounds into new ones.
  • Create harmonies with up to 4 polyphonic voices.
  • 10 Different effects with endless combinations.
  • Infected Mushroom’s signature vocal sound.


I Wish is an anomaly in itself, a micro-editing tool that doubles as a real-time polyphonic wavetable synth and an extremely unique production tool.

  • Modulate pitch and formant.
  • Real-time polyphonic wavetable synthesizer.
  • Produce extremely controlled stutter effects.
  • Infected Mushroom’s famous glitch vocals.

Transform your vocals with Manipulator, play them as a real-time wavetable synthesizer with I Wish, and modulate any sounds with Gatekeeper’s 8 independent envelopes. The possibilities are endless.

Polyverse Music bundle 2019 / v2021.08 [WiN] Download (Premium)

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