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Persian Vocals – listen to the voices

The 4th instalment of Rast Sound’s World Vocals series from the Middle East, Persian Vocals.

This is one of the first (if not “the first”) vocal library from todays Iran, offered to the use of producers and composers worldwide. Rast Sound feels truly grateful and proud for this.

Persian Vocals offers a variety of tools for modern day composers and producers (you). Rast Sound prepared a rich/colorful content of longer songs / poems / airs, shorter phrases, natural and processed loops and as usual detailed instruments.

Whether you are looking for starter inspirations, vocal spice ups or specifically Iran vocals for a project, you will be ready to go with this library; for more traditional composing as well as modern electronic music.

This rare and at places tastefully challenging content is co-produced and recorded by Rast Sound’s dear friend Farzad Milani, in Iran, and further shaped-processed-finalised by Rast Sound. Also Download UJAM Virtual Drummer BRUTE v2.1.1 Free Download 2021


  • 920 MB WAV (unzipped)
  • 450+ samples
  • 215 long & short improvisations
  • 185 multisamples
  • 58 natural and processed loops
  • 14 instruments including legato
  • Full Version of Kontakt 5 required

Rast Sound Persian Vocals KONTAKT Free Download 2021

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