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Sky Replacement Bootcamp
Everything you need to know about sky replacements. Never struggle with skies anymore.

Who is this for?
Every photographer will experience horrible weather on photo trips at some point. Images turn out boring and you have a lot of client work to return…

Skies set everything for your images. It sets the tone, highlights, shadows and the overall mood of your shot. Changing a sky can be a complicated thing to master and that is exactly what Sky Replacement Bootcamp is built for..

This course is for you if you have faced problems changing skies and can’t match the foreground with the new sky.

This course is for you if you want to learn the most efficient and fastest workflows to change skies.

This is not your typical short YouTube tutorial where half of the details are left off. This is an ultimate guide for you to learn one of the most crucial parts of editing and I am here to make it simple and efficient for you.

Course Curriculum

Introduction And Source Files
StartIntroduction: Before You Strart (4:10)
StartDownload All The Assets Used In The Course Here
Module 1: Get Comfortable With Photoshop
StartLesson 1: Get Familiar With The Interface (10:29)
StartLesson 2: Simplifying Layers (7:14)
StartLesson 3: Simplifying Adjustment Layers (9:19)
StartLesson 4: Simplifying Blending Modes (6:45)
StartLesson 5: Simplifying Flow And Opacity (5:51)
StartLesson 6: All The Useful Shortcuts (9:12)
Module 2: Getting Familiar With Cutting Out Skies
StartLesson 7: What To Keep In Mind Before You Change A Sky (4:07)
StartLesson 8: How To Use All The Different Selection Tools (14:56)
StartLesson 9: PROJECT 1, A Simple Way To Cut A Sky Out (10:33)
StartLesson 10: PROJECT 1, How To Make Cut Out Edges Look Good (5:18)
StartLesson 11: PROJECT 1, How To Match A Foreground With The Sky (5:53)
StartLesson 12: Quick And Easy, BUT A Destructive Way to Cut Out A Sky (10:31)
StartLesson 13: PROJECT 2, Most Common Way To Cut Out A Sky (10:04)
StartLesson 14: PROJECT 2, How To Remove Fringing Nondestructively (3:18)
StartLesson 15: PROJECT 2, How To Remove Fringing Destructively (8:18)
StartLesson 16: The Most Accurate Way To Cut Out A Sky (15:18)
StartLesson 17: How To Work With Tree lines (9:03)
StartLesson 18: How To Slowly Build Up An Accurate Selection (12:32)
StartLesson 19: PROJECT 3: When A Selection Can’t Be Made With Tools (8:17)
Module 3: Mastering Blending
StartLesson 20: PROJECT 1, How To Approach Blending (3:56)
StartLesson 21: PROJECT 1, How To Use Color Grading Tools (8:11)
StartLesson 22: PROJECT 1, How To Enhance Highlights And Create Light (10:18)
StartLesson 23: PROJECT 2, How To Blend The Sky With A Foreground (7:53)
StartLesson 24: PROJECT 2, How To Add Glow (6:20)
StartLesson 25: PROJECT 2, How To Enhance Your End Result In Camera RAW (8:45)
StartLesson 26: PROJECT 2, How To Create A Realistic Vignette And A Matte Finish (5:30)
StartLesson 27: PROJECT 3, How To Blend Complicated Differences (7:03)
StartLesson 28: PROJECT 3, How To Blend With Light And Adjustment Layers (10:03)
Module 4: Example Projects
StartLesson 29: How To Change Bad Weather Conditions (34:03)
StartLesson 30: How To Turn A Day Into Sunset (32:30)
StartLesson 31: How To Turn A Day Into Night (Dreamy) (25:32)
StartLesson 32: How To Replace A Boring Night Sky (28:02)
StartLesson 33: How To Composite A Day Into A Sunset (17:26)

VisualsofJulius – Sky Replacement Bootcamp Free Download

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